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Meet Asian Girls Looking For New Year Dates

New year dates are hard to come by this time of the year. Everybody already has something planned even before Christmas. So where can you find new year dates who are willing to spend a bit of time with you as you as you end 2017? Good question! Try Asian.

Asian New Year Dates Who Want To Spend Time With You

Of course, we’re not suggesting that you book a plane ticket to an Asian country. However, what we’re telling you is to widen your dating horizons through meeting people online. This week, we’ve compiled a list of ladies who have absolutely nothing to do during the new year. The ladies will be more than willing to meet with you online and just chat the night away:


Jing23 - Asian Date Lady

Jing believes that she has a great capacity for love and passion. the problem is that she hasn’t met anyone special yet. She’s looking forward to meeting new people during the new year. She’s also quite hopeful that she’s going to meet the right guy during this time.


Shanmei35 - Asian Date Lady

Last year Shanmei was able to travel to four destinations. She always makes this her goal – three to five places in one year. In 2018, she’s planning to do the same, but this time, she wants to bring a special someone with her. Could you be that special someone?


Nina21- Asian Date Lady

Nina is a 21-year-old business owner. She’s very passionate about saying that she doesn’t want to be viewed as someone who is well off. Instead, she wants people to see that she is a hard-working girl who has worked her way to the top. She wanted to be included on this list so she can meet guys who are sincere and who are not after her wealth.


Yanping26 - Asian Date Lady

Some of Yanping’s hobbies include planting and taking care of flowers. She does have a green thumb. If she can find a guy who also likes to do gardening, she will be very happy. If you’re into plant yourself, why not send Yanping a message during New Year? It’ll be a great topic that can blossom into something great.


Jewel23 - Asian Date Lady

Jewel is a nurse who works in China. The secret to her fit body is yoga. She makes sure to do some posses every night before she sleeps. For fun, she wants to meet someone who is open to doing couple’s yoga with her. Don’t worry if you’re not flexible enough. She’s got your back.

Remember that you can get to know these ladies better by viewing their profiles. You can do so by clicking on their names. We will have more lists for you next week so watch out for those. In the meantime, you already have ladies who could be your new year dates. Check out our blog for more lists similar to this.