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Kinds Of Toxic People To Avoid In 2018

If there’s one habit that you need to concentrate on forming this 2018, it’s avoiding toxic people. You may not know it, but there may be a few who may have made their way into your life. It’s time to focus on the positive this year.

Avoid The Following Toxic People

The best reason why you may not have spotted toxic people in your life is that they may be friends, family, or colleagues at work. Of course, you wouldn’t normally label the people close to you as toxic. However, it’s a truth that you need to accept. You need to start identifying these people. Use the list below that contains the types to guide you:

1. The Downer

You can definitely tell who the downer is in your life. He or she will commonly tell you that you’re no good, you’re going to fail, you’re not going to be the best. Ouch! This person always brings you down.

2. The Gaslighter

Gaslighting, if you did not know already, is a form of manipulation where one person makes the other feel like they are totally crazy. People like this will try to twist things around to make it seem like you’re the one who is wrong.

3. The User

The user needs no description. This person’s only purpose is to benefit from you. Remember that any connection you have should be two-way and not just one-way.

4. The Scorekeeper

No one is counting points except for this person. Have you ever felt you’re always in competition with a specific person in your life? This person is a scorekeeper. Life is not one big contest so just go on your journey at your own pace.

5. The Critic

Many say that you are your worst critic but this person may be holding the second position. Do you have a person in your life who is always criticizing every little thing you do? From your clothes to your projects, to the way you speak, this person always seems to have something to comment.

The best way for you to avoid these toxic people is to cut your connections with them. They still need to be treated with respect of course but try not to hang out with them or be the first to communicate with them. Your 2018 will be so much better. For more tips on bettering yourself, read more posts on our blog.