Chronically single people will get these jokes.

If You Are Chronically Single, You’ll Relate To This

There are two ways to deal with our problems. The one way is to feel utterly disappointed and give up all our efforts to make things better. The other is to look at our problems in the eyes, laugh at their face and try to find the ways to improve the situation. We like the latter approach, and luckily so do many of you out there. These fun tweets will make the chronically single among us laugh their hearts out.

These Are Jokes Only Chronically Single People Can Actually Get

Whether it’s the disappointment of not finding the right partner or the dismay when you end the worst first date ever, there is always room for humor; and these guys seem to know it well.

First off, there is this girl, @antdagoatt, who can’t see the use of being friends with benefits with a person who can’t commit.

A chronically single person may not want a relationship that's so shallow.
Is there any sense in being friends with benefits?

User @angiefiggy is a girl who tends to get carried away easily. And loses her interest just as quickly.

Chronically single people will probably relat to this situation
Well, this one didn’t last long.

We can also all relate to Jack Mull (@J4CKMULL) who talks about that sinking feeling you get on a bad date, when you know for sure you don’t want to hang out with that person again.

A situation chronically single people will recognize.
Yep, we’ve all been there.

Or when the wrong kind of person shows their interest in you, instead of your object of desire.

Chronically single people are so because they attract the wrong kind of people.
Because sometimes life’s unfair.

And when people insist there’s a person for us out there, a real soulmate that we haven’t been able to locate yet, we can relate to Blake Voyle’s (@Bvoyles5) tweet.

Chroniaven't found their soulmate yet.cally single people h
We’re willing to look for that soulmate, though.

Which can make us wonder about the time we’ve got left on this planet in order to pursue that person, like @COCONUTOILBAE so aptly tweets.

When chronically single people worry that they're running out of time.
How much time have we got exactly?

So, maybe sometimes we want to narrow down the kind of person we are looking for like @LindaInDisguise has.

Chronically single people may want to focus on certain traits.
This girl knows what she wants.

..or you may be too tired of dating people, and turn to something else instead, like @VitorForte.

Chronically single people will find this super funny.
Have you grown tired of dating humans, maybe?

Some are more old-school, like user Julieanne Smolinski (@BoobsRadley), who would rather meet guys the traditional way, as she calls it.

A chronically single girl who has been following the traditional path of meeting boys.
Julieanne is quite old-school.

And, finally, when you are chronically single people who may not have been in a relationship for ages, still feel they have the right and privilege of giving advice to anyone who’ll listen, as user @hanxine points out.

Chronically single people are the best advisors.
Single people can still give advice, right?

Anyone can cry and whine about feeling lonely, but it takes real guts and good humor to make light of what’s depressing you, so kudos to these fun-loving users for making us smile.

*The article has been inspired by this Buzzfeed post.