How To Smile When You’re Single

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What is so precious in a smile? If we see people smiling, it evokes a feeling of warmth and positivity within us. When we’re happy, our natural response is to smile. With all the good things that come with smiling, is it possible to smile our way into finding a relationship online?

How To Attract More People To Your Dating Profile With A Smile

A lot of experts have been saying lately that online dating is moving towards the swiping culture. This means that single people today are keener on physical appearance than interests, hobbies, or plans for the future. Do you know what this means? Most of us, basically, want someone good-looking in our lives. Herein lies the problem because we weren’t all born in the same gene pool as Brazillian supermodels. A flattering photo of you smiling might just fix this, though.

What Science Says

Beauty in a smile: the role of medial orbitofrontal cortex in facial attractiveness, is a study done in 2003. The group of scientists studied how smiling influenced a person’s choice of his or hers mate. The results were fascinating. A type of MRI device was used during the study to see which brain regions lit up when a picture of a person donning a happy expression was showed. The medial orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) was stimulated. This is the same area of the brain that represents something’s reward value. This region lit up even more when pictures of people who were smiling were showed.

How To Pose In Pictures

Now that science is telling us that we must learn to smile more to attract dates, we need to know how to look better in pictures with specific poses (on top of our smile, of course). Let’s move on to another study. Take a look at the following statistics, and maybe you’ll be eager in learning how to smile:

Percentage of women’s pictures that had more likes:

  • 71% smile while tilting their head to the side
  • 58% show their pearly whites when they smile
  • 24% have a closed mouth grin
  • 17% don’t smile in their profile photo

Percentage of men’s pictures that had more likes: 

  • 26% smile while tilting their head to the side
  • 79% show their pearly whites when they smile
  • 5% have a closed mouth grin
  • 16% don’t smile in their profile photo

That settles it. For you to attract more online daters with your smile, make sure you’re tilting your head to the side while smiling (women) and showing off your teeth (men). For more fun and science-based dating tips, don’t hesitate to check more of our posts on our blog.