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Hottest Asian Date Women Over 30

Age is but a number. Especially so with Asian women. It is believed that Asian women age slowly, and there may be some truth to this. We went on Asian Date and we looked for the hottest women over 30. Needless to say, we came across more profiles than we expected.

Meet The Hottest Asian Date Women Over 30 Years Old

At first glance, you won’t even believe that the ladies we have on our list this week are already above 30. They look more like 20-year-old ladies. See for yourself:


Feifei32 - Asian Date Lady

Feifei (32) is afraid that she might look unapproachable in her photos. If this is your impression, then she says that you need to meet her online. The truth is that she is a lady who is elegant, confident, kind and compassionate.


Ruoying33 - Asian Date Lady

Rouying (33) is a lady with a lot of joy in her heart. She loves to be outdoors, she loves to meet people, and, generally, she has a cheerful disposition. She invites you to have a coffee with her as you chat online.


Xiaohong33 - Asian Date Lady

Meet Xiahong (33) from Shenzen, China. What she wants you to know about her is that she likes to plan. She likes to plan dates, vacations, meetings, and the like. However, she does say that there is some room in her life for unexpected situations and special surprises. Could she be talking about a special surprise from you?


Qingli41 - Asian Date Lady

The most striking feature about Qingli (41) is her smile. A lot of her friends and family tell her that. They say that her smile attracts all the positive things happening in Qingli’s life. Do you think that her smile is, indeed, attractive?


Wenhua34 - Asian Date Lady

Wenhua (34) is fluent in English. She says that her fluency is because of her reading. One of her favorite hobbies is staying in, fixing a snack for herself, and then reading a good book. Other than reading, Wenhua has other interesting hobbies that you should find out for yourself.

These women over 30 are truly captivating. Remember that you can get to know each of the ladies by clicking on their names and visiting their dating profiles. For more lists similar to this one, check out more from our blog.