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This One Emotion Can Save Your Relationship After Cheating

Whether we want to admit it or not, our relationship is always at risk of cheating. There is a possibility one partner will go down that dark path, but we should remember that cheating isn’t always the end of the road. Although it is a mistake that’s better forgotten, there’s still a way to save your relationship.

The Post-Cheating Emotion You Need To Foster To Save Your Relationship

You’re likely reading this now because you’re looking for a way to save your relationship after the cheating has taken place. First of all, you shouldn’t make any rash decisions. Your friends and family may be telling you to get out now. But, when the offense is not a repeat, you need to take a couple of days to process everything.

Don’t worry because forgiveness comes with time. What you need to focus on is empathy.

How Empathy Can Save Your Relationship

This emotion is defined as the ability to share and understand how the other person is feeling. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my partner have empathy towards me?
  • Do I have empathy towards my partner?

The answer to these should give you a good idea whether the emotion is present. Believe it or not, most partners feel a new and specific kind of empathy after being cheated on. They, more or less, understand the emotions and circumstances involved that pushed their partner to cheat.

It may be difficult for you to show empathy because you’re angry and confused. Don’t worry. It’s natural. Take it day by day.

A Wake-Up Call

We’re not saying that cheating is good, but it could be a sign for you to start identifying the underlying problems in your relationship. When you see that there is still something there to be salvaged, start putting yourself in your partner’s shoes. As you go see things through his or her eyes, you let your partner know how you feel. Both of you, then, figure out a way to move forward. What is the next step? Is it couple’s counseling?

Whatever your solution is, it’s going to take a lot of work for your relationship to be fixed, but it’s not impossible to do. For more tips on rebuilding relationships, check out more on our blog.