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A Lady’s Date Outfit Can Reveal A Lot About Her

We have all been taught to never judge a book based on its cover. But, when you carefully look at the book’s cover, it can actually give you small hints regarding what the book is about. The same principle can be applied when a lady chooses the perfect date outfit.

What Her Date Outfit Says About Her

For ladies, the perfect date outfit is a must, especially during first dates! Most often, women spend hours choosing the right ensemble because it’s a way for them to make a good first impression, and, of course, impress their date with their style prowess. With all the careful planning involved in choosing an outfit for a date, ladies don’t realize that they disclose aspects of their personality through their attire:

1. Trendy, Chic, Fashionable

If you found your date wearing an outfit that looks like it could be part of an editorial spread from a fashion magazine, it could tell you that your date likes the finer things in life. This lady will appreciate a date at a trendy spot downtown and might even be willing to grab some drinks with you as long as she knows that you are birds of the same feather.

2. Flashy, Loud, Vibrant

A lady who wears something flashy, loud and vibrant will most likely be the life of the party. She’ll be extroverted and may know most of the people at one of the local party spots. She can talk from dusk til dawn, and is always game for something new and adventurous.

3. Clean and Simple

If your date wears something clean and simple, it could hint that she is down-to-earth, a girl next door, or a plain Jane with some shyness on her sleeve. This lady will most likely love the idea of just hanging out at home, or cooking you a nice meal.

4. Boho Babe

When you think of the Boho Babe, you think of hippies, travelers, and free-spirited people. The Boho Babe is carefree but has strong principles about certain societal issues like animal cruelty, child abuse, going green, and so on. You’ll love this lady who dons bohemian chicness when you are a free spirit yourself.

5. Edgy, Lacey, Punk

She could be the type who likes to go to concerts, art events or poetry slams. Don’t be mislead by her artistic spirit though, because she could be trouble. If you’re dating this rock chic, make sure that you can handle her angst.

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