Common Misconceptions on Japanese Women

Dating Japanese Women OnlineWhether it is the beautiful sideways glance by an actress in a traditional Kabuki play, or the sleek, long, jet black hair blowing in the wind, let us face it; Japanese women are indeed a sight to behold. Poking around the net regarding information on Japanese women, their personalities, how to date them and what particularly catches their fancy, and one would most likely read about the wonderful qualities these women have that put them above the rest. But then again, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Here is a quick no nonsense look into what Japanese women are really like.


She isn’t the angel you make her out to be.

One of the selling points, so to say, on Japanese women is their well-known submissiveness and their adherence to the traditional gender roles. There is truth in this somehow, but do not expect her to be the doe-eyed pushover you dream her to be. Always remember, she is still a woman in her very essence. She can be manipulative, annoying and will occasionally rebel from your grasp. Her traditional values indeed will make her more restrained and subtle in defying you, but like any other woman from any other part of the world; she still has a mind of her own. It would be best for your relationship with her that you treat her fairly as you would a western woman. This way, you earn her respect and your relationship will be more fulfilling.


She will, most probably, demand to be in control of the money.

In Japan, in case you are not familiar with the culture yet, the wife manages the finances. The husband works and come pay day, he surrenders all money to his wife and will get an allowance for his personal spending from her. Now, bear in mind that this is how she was raised. She knows that mom will be in charge of the household spending. If and when you decide to marry, your wife might demand that you surrender your finances over to her for management. Money, no matter where you’re from, is always a big factor in breaking down relationship when not given clear boundaries. If you are okay with this, well and good, but if you are not, it is best to discuss this prior to tying the knot. She will understand though if you explain, so you both should find a happy compromise where you and she will be comfortable.


She might not want to be intimate in the bedroom as often as you would like.

In some sites, it is said that Japanese ladies are hot and amazing behind closed doors. There is a glimmer of truth to that but it can be safely said that those amazing goddesses are the exception to the rules. Generally speaking, Japanese women are not really that eager for intimacy in the bedroom. There have been testimonials from some men that after the birth of their first child, their wives seem to stop “doing it” with them all together. Again, for this the key would be communication and proper setting of expectations. Before moving into a more serious note in a relationship, try to clarify first that you will need her to keep being intimate in the bedroom with you beyond having your first born and that it is a basic need to you. Again, she was raised in this type of culture and it will be up to you to inform her. As with any relationship, compromised will need to be made and if neither wants to give in, then it would save you a lot of heartache, and money, to simply avoid getting in too serious.