Mark Your Calendars For The Birthdays Of These November Girls

Mark Your Calendars For The Birthdays Of These November Girls

When is your birthday? How do you plan to celebrate it this year? Most people spend their birthdays by having parties or spending time with family and friends. That’s pretty standard, right? However, it seems that the November girls on this week’s list are not so standard at all.

The November Girls Whose Birthdays Are Near

Yes, the ladies’ birthdays are November. But, they’re not planning to spend it in the usual way. The ladies are planning to go online and date. They think that they might have better luck finding Mr. Perfect on their special day.


Peiyi 19 - Asian Date Lady

The first lady you need to meet is Peiyi. Her birthday is on November 9th. She describes herself as a lover of life who is open to ideas and is willing to try anything new. She would like to meet someone who has a similar thirst for life, yet responsible enough to be in a long-term relationship.


Mengfan 22 - Asian Date Lady

Another one of the November girls born on the 9th, Mengfan is the daughter of two successful business owners in China. She tells us that she doesn’t want to rely on her parents forever, which is why she works extra hard as a business owner, herself. Her perfect man is someone who loves to travel the world.


Feifei 21 - Asian Date Lady

Feifei, the artist, was born on November 10th. She says that painting is good for her soul. But, don’t misinterpret her free spirit. She does have a more serious side to her. This side of her personality allows her to earn from the galleries she displays her work in.


Mingming 22 - Asian Date Lady

This gorgeous administrator was born on November 11th. She says that she always works hard for what she wants. That’s why she is extremely serious about online dating. Mingming feels that she is already blessed in her career so now it’s time for her to direct her attention to love.


Qu 30 - Asian Date Lady

Last on the list but first of the November girls to celebrate her birthday is Qu. She’s a fun-loving lady who is about to turn 31 on November 7th. By day, Qu teaches. But, by night, she mostly hangs out with her friends to go shopping. She would love to meet someone who enjoys doing the same things she does. Could she be looking for you?

Remember that you can get to know the November girls by clicking their names and visiting their profiles. You can even send them a tiny gift if you like. Whatever the case, don’t forget to say happy birthday! For more lists, check out our blog.