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Buying A House Together? Not Before Answering These Questions

Buying a house is challenging. To you, right now, it may be an easy decision. However, the list of things that you need to consider to get the best house on the block, at the best location, and with the best value, can be more challenging than you think.

Answer These Questions Before Buying A House With Your Partner

Of course, we all want a house that we can call our own, but, if we are not careful, we can end up with a property that’s more of a nightmare than a dream. That’s why the following questions are essential:

1. Are kids part of our future plans?

How is this question essential? Well, when kids are part of your future plans, it’s necessary for you to find a house that has enough room or space. You and your partner should also talk about how many kids you’re going to have so that you can imagine the extensions you’re going to make on your potentially new home.

2. What are the things that we can agree to compromise on?

We all want the perfect house, but we can’t always get what we want. So, if the location and price is right, what aspects of the house do you think you and your partner can compromise on?

3. Should we both get a mortgage?

Now, it’s time to get into your finances. Buying a house does not come cheap. Both you and your partner have to be ready to discuss mortgages. Would it be ideal for just one person to take out a loan? Should both people pay for the mortgage afterwards? Determine the type of arrangement that’s ideal for your wallets.

4. What is our plan B?

There’s always a slight chance that everything won’t go the way you have planned. When that happens, you’re going to need an alternative plan to follow. Should you have an emergency fund? Do you have belongings that you’re willing to sell off, just in case?

5. Is this house going to be where we are going to stay forever?

It’s quite possible that the house that you’re eyeing to buy will just be temporary. This is true in the case of interracial couples, where one partner has family elsewhere, like China for example. Do both of you agree to stay here for ten years, maximum?

Now, do you have an idea at how hard it is to decide to buy a house? It’s going to be a lot of responsibility, but, as early as now, if you talk things through, you’ll have an easier time with your decision. For couple and relationships tips, see more of our posts on our blog.