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Big City Girls Who Will Show You The Best Time In Their Metropolis

Big city girls have a lot of edge. Commonly, they are very stylish, more sophisticated and they are women of the world. It’s possible that they have the motivation to have it all – a successful career, a flourishing love life, and a life they’ve designed with their own efforts.

Dating Big City Girls Is The Best

You don’t have to look far to meet big city girls from Asia because they are the focus on our list this week. We’ve scoured through to find ladies from major metropolises, for you to meet:


Lin19 - Asian Date Lady

Lin is from Beijing. She is a business owner who describes herself as understanding and open-minded. Her posh life is keeping her busy but what she would really like to do is meet someone online who is simple, kind and equally open-minded as her.


Mingxing22 - Asian Date Lady

MingXing is currently in Shangai. Even if she is living in a big city, she likes to go to parks to run. Most of the time, she spends her off-duty days in her car – she likes to go on road trips as well. She is definitely an adventurer who is seeking someone similar in spirit.


Xia28 - Asian Date Lady

Xia lives in the city of Zhengzhou. During her interview, she says that she is not a very good swimmer, but she is the type who loves to go on different escapades. This girl has a good sense of humor too; she tells us that she will date someone who can teach her how to swim.


Xuejiao26 - Asian Date Lady

This sophisticated lady is in Shijiazhuang now. She’s the type who likes the finer things in life like designer outfits and bags. Black and white movies are her thing. She tries to watch these films during the weekends. She’d like to think that she is cultured, and is therefor looking for a man who can go with her to the opera or ballet.


Yanan24 - Asian Date Lady

You can visit Yanan at Zhengzhou. She’s admittedly someone who loves to live in urban jungles. To her, it’s all about the lifestyle of living in a big city. Despite this, she tells us that she has always valued inner beauty rather than outer appearance.

Do you think that you will adapt well to city life with these lovely ladies by your side? We think yes. For more lists, you can check out our past posts here. Don’t forget to read more posts on our blog as well.