Asian Date: What She Means When She Tells You "I'm Lonely"

Asian Date: What She Means When She Says “I’m Lonely”

How many times has your partner told you, “I’m lonely”? Maybe the number of times isn’t that important. The better question would be, how did you react when your partner told you she’s lonely? Commonly men don’t know how to handle this kind of question. We probably don’t even know what “I’m lonely” means, exactly. Asian Date will break it down for you.

Asian Date: What “I’m Lonely” Means

First of all, there’s nothing to be worried about when your girl, all of a sudden, says that she’s feeling lonely. It’s normal. Women always experience different kinds of emotions, but what you don’t want to do is ignore her when she says that she feels this way. Whenever she expresses that she is lonely, she could mean the following:

You’re not spending enough time with me.

Commonly, when a woman says this, she wants more of your attention. You may be caught up in work or spending time with your friends. The solution to this is simple. Give her more attention throughout your day. You don’t have to do a grand gesture. You can spend an hour watching a series on Netflix with her.

I don’t feel reassured.

When was the last time that you thanked your partner for handling all the chores inside the house? When you cannot remember, it’s probably time that you express your gratitude so she feels more reassured and appreciated.

Take me out.

The “I’m lonely” statement might be your partner’s way of telling you that you need to spend time eating out or going to the movies. Whatever the case, it’s probably time for the both of you to go on a decent date.

Be more sensitive when dealing with your partner. You may not be aware that she is already feeling like you are neglecting her. Always set aside a bit of time for you and her, as a couple.

Now that you know the possible meanings through this Asian Date article, you can handle the situation better when your lady says that she’s feeling lonely. For more tips on how to handle common relationship issues, check out more on our blog.