4 Bad Habits to Kick before Dating a Filipina Woman

Filipina women are known to be serious partners and are in it for the long run. They are generally loyal and make amazing wives and mothers. They are very serious when it comes to family and basically that is one ingredient to a long and happy life together. Knowing this, you might already be considering dating a Filipina woman or are on your way to meet one right now. In preparation for that much anticipated date, here are a few tips regarding some habits you need to kick before dating a Filipina woman.

dating a filipina womanGetting drunk

Okay, so in the western culture, alcohol tends to be a part of daily life. Not all the time, but westerners tend to like drinking and occasionally getting drunk. In the Filipino culture, drunkenness is generally frowned upon. It is an object of ridicule when a man passes out or making an ass of himself after imbibing substantial amounts of alcohol. If you are planning to seriously date a Filipina woman, it is better to tone down in alcohol intake. It is not necessary to stop all together, but try to take into serious consideration the warning labels that say “drink moderately.

Talking too much about yourself

Modesty is a prized trait among Filipinos. So whenever you are praised for your skills or for a work well done, you are expected to be “shy” about it and will tend to put yourself down attributing your success to luck. Most westerners find this tedious. But when you are dating a Filipina woman, it is important not to gloat and talk about yourself and your achievement too much. Yes, she wants to know more about you, but try to keep the conversation balanced. Filipina women do not respond to men harping about their success and whatnot. They respond more to humility and modesty. And, as an added bonus, she will be pleasantly surprised when she finally finds out you singlehandedly saved your company from utter doom.

Being secretive

In the Filipino culture, in the dating culture specifically, communication is key. This can be very tedious sometimes as she might actually want to know every single little detail. But the thing is, lack of openness or leaving details out tend to be attributed to cheating and she might start doubting your seriousness in the relationship. Yes, Filipina women can be very jealous at times, but if she is secure with the relationship because you tell her everything, she will be very understanding and will be even supportive of the occasional night out with the boys. She might even offer to host it cooking you delectable adobo to brag about to your friends.

Complaining about everything

Westerners are used to a culture where complaints are a norm. This is valid, especially when you pay for services, goods or taxes. After all, it is your hard earned money. But in the Filipino culture, people tend to complain less and try to make things work and only complain when all options have been exhausted. Filipinos, especially the women, tend to be concerned about other people’s welfare and want to be considerate. So if you are the type who complains about every little thing, it is best you try to curb the habit or else it might be misconstrued with you being condescending towards her culture and her people.

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